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The Jewish Left is trying to hijack Israel

Few people in the United States are aware of a major election happening online, but last week the World Zionist Congress opened voting. Every five years American Jews vote for delegates sent to the Congress, and delegates represent various religious and political movements within the Jewish community. The body sounds like a vast Jewish conspiracy to those outside the Jewish community, but it actually just serves as a funding vehicle for the majority of the money donated by diaspora Jewry living outside of Israel spent inside Israel, as well as Zionist programming and organizations within the United States. These dollars go towards Israeli parks, hospitals, learning programs, and more.

But as everything has become politicized, so too have these elections and the allocation of these monies. The politicization of the Jewish community has gone along religious lines; the Orthodox world has become more Republican and conservative, and the less ritually observant streams of Conservative and Reform have veered leftward to the Democratic Party and liberalism. Because of the anti-Israel bent of the American Left, inexplicably, many American Jews have become more aligned with Israel-hating organizations and causes.

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